10 FRESH Content Ideas in the New Year!


If you're reading this, I'm so proud of you! You're wanting to keep your content fresh as a daisy because you know that engagement is the key to social media success!

Here are some ways to keep it fresh:

  1.  Regular Updates: Consistently update your content to stay relevant and engage your audience.

Have a big order coming up? Take your audience along for the ride and share your journey!

Have a month full of events? Create posts with your monthly or weekly schedule to allow your audience time to mark their calendars.

New website launched? Keep your audience in the know and share all about it!

New box of business-related goodies just came in? Do a haul!


  1. Diversify Formats: Mix up your content types!

    Email your local news station and pitch your story about your thriving cookie biz!

    Go live on Instagram with other local small business owners and share your products/events! This makes a great collaboration!

    Ask to be a guest on a podcast! Reach out to a podcaster who speaks about small business, local events, or cookie businesses! Be sure to direct your audience to the podcast when it airs!


  1. Follow Trends: Stay informed about trends and incorporate them into your content! This keeps you relevant and makes your content fun to consume!

    (Pro tip: pay attention to trends in ALL artistic/small business niches, not just cookie-related trends!)


  1. Interactive Elements in Stories:  Use polls, quizzes, or interactive elements to boost engagement and keep your audience actively involved in your Stories.

    If your audience is small, use this as an opportunity to respond to people who interact with your polls and quizzes! Getting in the DM is always a good thing! (Polls on Facebook do well too!)


  1. User-generated Content: Encourage your audience to post videos and photos with your cookies! This fosters a sense of community and freshness and allows people to visualize themselves ordering from you and having a positive experience.


  1. Repurpose Content: Transform existing content into different formats or update it with new information to extend its lifespan. Take a post that performed well and repurpose it by turning it into Reel content, Story content, email campaign content… you get the idea!


  1. Fresh Photos: If your feed is looking a little tired or you’ve had the same white background for years, it could be time for some fresh, eye-catching cookie photos! Grab some new backgrounds or props to add a little texture or dimension. 

    A fresh new set of business headshots are also a wise investment, especially those that capture your brand personality! Use these all year long!


  1. Engage in Conversations: Want 1 comment? Go and leave 10. Respond to comments and engage in conversations with your audience and on local posts, not selling, but creating trust and community!


  1. Seasonal Content: Create fun content with each coming season or special local event, aligning your cookies, audio, caption, etc. with the current theme. This keeps your content relevant and shareable!


  1. Geek out on Analytics: Regularly analyze your content performance using analytics tools and adjust your strategy based on what works best for your audience.

    Remember, being consistent is more important than a few great posts!