4 Tips for When Cookie Business is Slow

Just a full disclaimer: a slow time in business does NOT mean that you are not successful, that your work isn’t amazing, or that you should quit. 

When orders aren’t rolling in and your inbox is sitting quietly, here’s what you can do to move forward in your cookie business so when the drought ends and the rain comes, you’ll be MORE than ready to take on the storm! No drought lasts forever!

1. Learn learn learn. Take this time to sharpen your skill and perfect a technique. Did you know there’s a little thing called Google that can help you for free? Pinterest and YouTube tutorials? Also free! Or cookie Facebook groups where you can ask questions… (Have you joined ours?) You guessed it: free.

2. Try new things on social. Have you gone live on your Facebook page or posted in your Insta stories lately? (Do your customers even know what you look like?) Have you messaged past customers to check up and see how they’re doing? Have you started an email list so customers never miss an exciting offer? Commit to testing and exploring new areas, you might be missing out on a wonderful way to serve your customers and drive profits!

3. Keep it Legal. This one’s not so fun, but it’s definitely the most important. Is everything in your business legal and legit? Are you following your cottage food laws? Are you saving receipts, documenting your income, and staying in touch with your CPA to make sure you’re covering all your bases for the year?

4. Do the dang thing. Do what you’ve always wanted to do in your cookie business. Have you always wanted to teach a cookie class? Set a date. Have you always wanted to collaborate with local businesses? Make a plan. Have you always wanted a YouTube channel? Set up an account. This could be your way to make your business next-level.


Listen, friend. Sometimes there is beauty in slow seasons. Sometimes you figure out your best idea when you give yourself time to explore. If you use this list to guide you, a slow season could be just what your business needed all along.

Best of luck!

Bakery Tee Co