5 Ways to Create Cookie Orders out of Thin Air

1. Share your availability. Nothing creates urgency like sharing that you have limited availability! If there is one thing you can count on, it’s last-minute customers!

Pro tip: every now and then, share that you had a “cancellation” and watch people fall in line to get on your schedule, especially if you are normally booked out in advance. It’s a “last chance, don’t miss out” marketing move and it makes customers jump!

2. Ask your audience what they want to see next.

When you are stuck, it’s ok to let your customers take the lead and help you decide what direction to move! Ask them if they want you to offer DIY kits or Paint Your Own cookies or Decorate Your Name Kits (put your Sweet Sugarbelle letter cookie cutters to work and let the customers decorate) or ask about cookie interest for upcoming holidays or local events!

3. Shop local: introduce yourself to local small business owners, especially the ones you would be happy to collaborate with someday. Follow them on Insta, interact with their content often, tag them when you visit their stores, and recommend your favorite products/events of theirs in your stories.

This can create a beautiful working relationship... trust me, networking can transform your business!

4. Bring cookies:

Ugh, Kortney, I’m trying to get cookie orders, not give them away for free. Isn’t this counter-productive?

Listen, bringing a small plate of cookies to a business owner will go a LONG way to them… they’ll be delighted (especially if the cookies feature their business, logo, products, etc.) and they’ll want to know more about your services! Businesses are always looking for unique ways to spoil their staff and thank their customers!

*Don’t forget your dentist, hair salon, bank, school, library, hardware, coffee shop, boutique, your kids’ sports/after school activity centers, gift shop, dog groomer, daycare, etc. Use your imagination… and your Eddie if you have one!

5. Wear your Bakery Tee Co. These tees are designed for starting organic conversation and have been proven countless times to create order inquiries in one easy conversation!

The best part? No more feeling “salesy”. Let your tee do its job and don’t forget to bring business cards whenever you wear them!