How to SELL OUT of your Holiday Presales -- No ADS Necessary!

How to Sell Out of your Holiday Presales (without paying for ads)

The key here is to not pick one or two of the easy tips! If you want to make this work, you have to do the WORK!

***Understand that people do not get on Facebook or Instagram with their debit card in their hands looking to shop... they are looking to be entertained first and foremost, so be entertaining! Be excited and have lots of energy when talking about your presale! Show your personality!

1. Do a poll! "Who wants to see our amazing presale options?" "Who wants to see a sneak peek?" "Who wants to see customizable cookie options with your child's name?" for example.

2. Countdown to launch day. Post countdown posts from up to 7 days out! You can even use the "countdown" feature in Instagram stories where followers can save it and Instagram will notify them when countdown ends!

3. Use amazing photos. Get inspiration from other cookie photos that catch your eye and get to work! Hint: natural light is your very best friend!

4. Post teasers and sneak peeks before launch day! 

5. Use holiday-related Calls to Action (or CTA's)... "Remember tomorrow we launch our Easter presale... So excited to celebrate this year. Our family loves Peeps, do you? Yay or Nay?" for example. Your customer will want to drop their two cents on your post, making it go further, aka more people see it!

6. Don't forget about your personal account! Tell your friends and family! They like cookies too!

7. Do not just post your website link! Post photos, descriptions, prices... etc. It is tempting as a Facebook user to scroll on and not want to leave the platform and visit an unknown website. If you just post a big blue link.... I am not tapping, sorry!

8. Do not apologize for the lack of options. I saw a cookie business post their presale options and apologize for only having 3 options this year as it was a very busy time for their family..... You know what it made her customers think? "Wow, she doesn't have that many options..."

Say "I'm so excited to show you the XYZ options! You and your family are going to love them!"

9. Once you post.... don't GHOST! For the love, your work is not done!! Keep talking to customers, tagging people from your personal page who seemed interested, and answering questions!

10. Keep talking about it! Until your presales are over or sold out, do NOT stop posting about it! You are in full-on launch mode and you need to continue to promote your sale!!! If you have an email list from your website, do not forget to email them!

11. Make Boomerangs, Reels, TikToks, and go LIVE/use a recorded video talking about your options. Educate them on the sizes, prices, where pick up is, how to display them at a party.... etc. You are the expert- tell them why they need your cookies, baby!

12. DM people who voted on your poll and expressed interest before you launched! See if they have any questions and be happy to serve them. (Think of this as offering excellent customer service, not being sales-y).

13. Always post prices... have you ever been to a garage sale where they don't have anything priced? It's awkward for the customer to ask the owner for every little price, so they usually end up walking away with nothing! Be transparent and post the price! Your customers will appreciate it.