Get ready to wear your love for all things sweet and creative with the Frosted Fun x Bakery Tee Co. Collection!  


I'm Malek Binns, the baking maestro behind Frosted by Malek Binns, where I turn cakes and cookies into edible art that's almost too good to eat (but trust me, you won't be able to resist!).

From my home-based bakery in Houston, Texas, I'm not just a baker – I'm a creator of confectionery dreams! When I'm not in the kitchen whisking up cake batter, I'm cooking up content on social media for 40k+ followers – because life's too short not to share the sweetest moments. Oh, and did I mention? I'm also the proud author of a cookbook that'll inspire your inner baker.

Join the sweet journey and rock your passion for baking with the collection. Find your favorites and spread the sugar-coated love! 

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